Saturday, October 20, 2012

Muskegon River Kings and Steelhead

There a few Steelhead moving into the Muskegon River,( though not in big numbers), along with a decent push of new Kings after the rain.  Most of the Kings seem to be making tracks for the upper river to hit spawning gravel and the Steelhead are in tow looking for an easy meal of eggs.  Fishing around concentrations of spawning Kings is the best bet for finding the few Steelhead that are around.  Andy and Andy are pictured with a few fresh Kings and Steelhead from today.

10/20/2012  Andy with a hefty fall Steelhead.

10/20/2012  Not to be outdone Andy finds a good one.

10/20/2012  We ran into a few very fresh Kings today.

10/20/2012  Andy with a hefty hen King.

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