Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Final Spring Steelhead Report

Today was officially my last Spring Steelhead trip and the fishing was great!  Ed and Fritz hooked a lot more fish than we expected float fishing today, our landing percentage was pitiful but still easily into the mid teens.  Now it's time for some boat maintenance and chores around the house, Alaska reports will begin in a few weeks.  If you are not on the fall books yet now is the time, dates are booking and if you wait until the last minute you might miss out.  Ed and Fritz are pictured with a couple Steelhead and a bonus Gar from today.

5/27/2014  Float fishing was good today.

5/27/2014  No fishing pressure and the bite gets good.



5/27/2014  There are a bunch of Gar around right now doing the spawning thing.

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