Saturday, July 30, 2011

AK update

Finally another update on the 2011 Alaska season, the waterproof part of my camera seemed to quit working a few weeks ago but we are back on track with a new one now.  We had a great King season on the Nushagak River losing count of fish landed most days!!  The sockeye run was great and they are starting to spawn in a few smaller systems around here, the chum spawn is in full swing on my favorite river the Goodnews and Trout fishing is crazy good, other rivers are soon to follow.  There are a few cohos showing up as well so here comes the gravy train, beads for trout and huge number hookup days on silvers!!!  The last half of the Alaska season is definately my favorite, 6 weeks to go.
They will even try diving on the sockeye for a meal.
That seagull may have a surprise coming.
Secret River Trout.
Swinging leeches for Rainbows is fun!!
A dandy Rainbow that crushed a "green headed monster".

Goodnews River Trout.
Centerpinning the Goodnews braids for Trout.