Monday, August 20, 2012

Silvers on top

Silvers pushing a wall of water behind a fly popped across the surface followed by an explosion of water then a screaming drag,  just another day guiding in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Silvers are very aggressive fresh from the Bering Sea.

This hefty hen came up on the fly 3 times before finally getting it on her 4th try.

Beached after an explosive strike and a bunch of jumps.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mission Lodge, Bristol Bay Alaska

The Trout fishing has been fantastic as we approach mid August, fishing beads around spawning Sockeye, Chum and King Salmon produces some great Rainbows along with Dolly Varden and Arctic Char.  Fishing for Coho (Silver) Salmon has been great as well making for some acion packed days with rods bent more often than not.  We had an absolutely phenominal day today sight fishing to big Rainbows in the blazing sunshine.

Myself and Mark with a thick 25" Rainbow he caught.

Me posing with another of Mark's Rainbows.

Dorinda with a great Arctic Char.

Dorinda with a nice Trout from today.

Another hefty Rainbow from today.

Friday, August 3, 2012


I can't believe it's August!!  Cohos and Rainbows are the name of the game now.  I will try to be beter about taking pictures and updating here for the month I have left before heading back to Michigan. 

A nice Rainbow from the Middle Fork of the Goodnews.

The Rainbows are healthy on their steady diet of eggs.

This Coho left the ocean and came straight to Grayson's fly.

Dolly Varden have showed up in force as well.