Monday, June 23, 2014

AK Kings

After a little over a week of set up at the lodge we are up and running.  There are Kings pushing in the Nushagak River daily and the big surge should come soon.  Sockeye fishing should kick into high gear over the next few days as well.  We are only a few days into the season with guests here at Mission Lodge but I feel like I'm settling into the head guide position pretty well, coordinating flights with 3 aircraft that hold 4 fishermen and 2 guides each when the lodge has 24 guests, what will tomorrow bring?  Here are a couple Kings from the Nushagak River with hopefully many more to follow.

A nice Nushagak River King.

You can see an old healed over seal bite above the anal fin on this one.

This one escaped a commercial net only to be fooled by a back bounced glob of eggs.

A thick King.

Ever wonder what 5 guides in one beaver looks like?