Saturday, July 26, 2014

Almost August

Wow have I been slacking on the reports this summer!!  It's been a busy one and I have a lot more on my plate with the Head Guide title.  Fishing has been pretty good overall, water levels are ultra low across Bristol Bay due to a lack of snow pack this winter, add a warm sunny summer with very little rain and the fish run out of places to hide.  The King run has been slower than normal because of this, we are still catching them but instead of big pushes of fish they have just trickled in all season.  Dolly Varden are here in force gorging on salmon eggs along with the rainbows.  Silvers are starting to show up and it is an even year so that means those pesky pink salmon, but they can save the day while we wait for silvers to show up in the masses.  I have a handful of openings for Kings and Steelhead this fall in Michigan so let me know soon if you want a day or two as they will surely be gone before you know it.  Here are a few pictures from recent days.