Monday, August 19, 2013

Game on

Fishing has been outstanding here in the Bristol Bay area.  We have had an overall warm sunny summer with just enough rain and wind to keep the Salmon runs on schedule.  Fishing for Silvers (coho) is so good right now it's hard to keep up with two people in a boat, net a fish for one guy and turn to see the other has one and before you can get that one the first guy is hooked up again!!!  Top water action has been good and is one of the most exciting ways to catch silvers.  We are catching a bunch of nice Rainbows as well behing spawning sockeye and snags that are absolutely littered with chum salmon carcasses.  I will be back in Michigan in just over two weeks and I have heard there are fishable numbers of Kings in a few rivers, I can't wait!!  If anyone wants to get out with me this fall for Kings I have literally a couple days open in September and early October and a handful in November for Steelhead so don't hesitate to call or e-mail to get on the books.  (616)204-4999

Here are a few recent shots of Silvers and Rainbows from various rivers.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Transition Time

We are officially done with Kings here in Alaska and have switched gears to primarily Rainbows and Dollies while we wait for the Silvers to come.  We have had an unusually hot summer with many days in the low 80's which has resulted in very low water holding the silvers in the salt for the most part.  The good news is Trout and Dolly fishing has been great behind the spawning chum and king salmon so that will keep us busy until some weather rolls in bringing the first wave of silvers.  Here are a few fish pics and a couple good shots from the plane.  I will get more trout pictures on here soon.

I am looking forward to fishing Kings and Steelhead this fall in Michigan with all of you who are on my books, for those that are not and would like to be I have a handful of scattered openings from the time I get home in September thru November so don't hesitate to call or e-mail to book a day.

A nice view of the ride back to the lodge.

I love it!!

Rainbows are gorging themselves on eggs.

A nice Dolly that couldn't resist a bead.