Sunday, January 23, 2011

Frigid Winter Steelheading!!

Craig and his son Daniel flew up from North Carolina for the Detroit auto show and had 1 day to fish the Muskegon River, of course it had to be the coldest day of the winter.  After driving the loop and finding there was heavy slush flow from somewhere above henning park down the only option was to dump in at Pine St.  All was well until I broke my shift cable taking the boat off the trailer, these are the days you find out if you have real friends and apparantly I do, Kris brought his boat for the rescue.  Things were looking up once again until we realized his batteries were dead!!  After switching batteries from my boat to his we were on our way.  The bite was pretty good considering the conditions but the fish were short biting and only 1 made it all the way to the net, not all bad for a day where I'm not sure the temp broke 10 degrees.  Daniel is pictured below with the only Steelhead that made the net today.

1/23/2011  A nice winter hen Steelhead from the upper Muskegon.

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