Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Steelheading after the storm

After last night's big snow storm Kris and I decided to push our luck and try to go fishing.  The boat ramps are horrible, we measured about 14 inches of snow here in Newaygo from last night!!  The only reason we got to fish is because we have what any good Winter Steelhead guide in Michigan should have TIRE CHAINS!!  The big front that pushed through last night put the fish on the bite pretty good, we landed 6 and lost 3 other Steelhead in about 4 hours of fishing.  Kris is pictured below with the only picture we took, I left my camera in the truck over night and the cold drained the battery.

 A word of warning for anyone thinking about blasting through all the snow to hit the river, the boat ramps and parking lots have a ton of snow and without the right equipment there is no chance of getting in and out.

2/2/2011  Kris with one we got a shot of before the camera died.

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