Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Steelhead fishing at it's finest

The Muskegon River recieved a very good push of chrome Steelhead that all seemed to stop in the section of river we fished today and they were on the bite in a big way.  Long time customer of Muskegon River Guide Service, Gerald Magee brought his wife Andrea for her first time Steelhead fishing and she picked up on the program right away putting a nice 9lb. buck Steelhead in the net before we were a full minute into our first spot of the day!!  They both kept up the pace for the whole day hooking and landing enough Steelhead that I think it's best we do not even get into the numbers here.  Boat traffic is slowly starting to build though it does not yet reflect the fishing quality.  We are set up for a great fall season and I am looking forward to fishing with all of you who are on the schedule or will be in the near future.  Gerald and Andrea are pictured below with a couple of great Steelhead from today and a bonus fresh King Salmon.
10/18/2011  Don't let the picture fool you, she caught the fish but would not touch it!
10/18/2011  A healthy Muskegon River Steelhead.

10/18/2011  Gerald with a fresh Salmon from today.  Not a bad bycatch.


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