Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Steelhead

Santiago and Alex from Mexico slipped in a Steelhead trip on the Muskegon River before their week of business meetings.  They did a good job picking up the back bouncing technique and put some nice Steelhead in the net.  Water is right where I like it, high and dirty and there are some chrome fish around.  Water temps in the lower river have been in the high 30's on these warm afternoons and should have big numbers of fish on the move soon.  I still have March 18, 19, 21, 26 and April 8 available for full day trips, there will also be 4 hour evening trips available in April for $200. 

3/11/2012  Santiago catches Redfish in Mexico but I think he likes Michigan Steelhead!! 

3/11/2012  A chrome hen from this afternoon.

3/11/2012  You couldn'y wipe the smiles off their faces.   

3/11/2012  Alex with a nice buck from today.

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  1. Those are some big smiles... and the steelhead that go with them aren't too shabby either. ;)