Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Muskegon River Steelhead

Back bouncing for Steelhead was outstanding for us today, lots of dropback fish that are on the feed after spending the energy it takes to spawn.  A good portion of these fish are already looking very healthy again and a few even had us fooled into thinking we were on some fresh arrivals until they hit the net.  The good fishing should hold atleast through the end of the month or a bit longer if we get another little shot of chromers.  Ed did work on the Steelhead today, he is pictured below with just a few of the many landed.

4/10/2012  A good looking dropback Steelhead.

4/10/2012  This fish definately had us fooled into thinking it was right out of the lake!!
4/10/2012  Ed with one that was still full of eggs.

4/10/2012  Hens, hens, hens.

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