Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Steelhead

Back bouncing for Steelhead was very productive today.  It seemed if we could keep the trout from biting long enough a Steelhead would eat and there were plenty of healthy trout eating as well.  Steelhead numbers are shrinking daily but there are biters to be found for those willing to put in the time.  I will not be taking any more Steelhead bookings this spring but for anyone who wants to get out and catch some of the obese trout we have this spring I have some open dates between now and the first of June when I leave for Alaska.

Ed and Fritz are pictured with a few Steelhead and a great Lake Run Brown Trout from today.

5/1/2012  Ed with a hen full of eggs.

5/1/2012  Fritz with a very nice Steelhead.

5/1/2012  Back bouncing was great today.

5/1/2012  Fritz with a fat Brown Trout.

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