Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Spring" It's Finally Here!!!

The river was very busy today being opening day of trout season along with great weather.  Despite the heavy boat traffic the Steelhead bite was very good on both the morning and afternoon trip for us.  Out of four anglers three had never caught a Steelhead before today and one is something of a veteran in my boat,  now all three newbies have multiple fish under their belts, congrats Pat, Dan and Kevin.  Here a few from today.

4/27/2013  Pat with his first Steelhead, a nice chrome buck.

4/27/2013  Dan with a good one from this morning.

4/27/2013  Kevin with his first Steelhead this afternoon.

4/27/2013  Dan with his first ever Steelhead and there were many to follow
 as these boys put a whoopin on the Steelhead this afternoon!!!!

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