Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter Fishing

Well if Winter wasn't here yet it showed up today.  Water temp was 32 degrees and the snow hitting the river turned to slush and eventually ice.  Add 15 to 20 mph wind and you have a fun day of Steelhead fishing.  Mark, Craig and Johnny toughed out the nasty weather and put a good number of fish in the net, warm up tonight boys cause we are going to do it again tomorrow.

12/10/2013  Me and my frozen beard holding Mark's fish for him.

12/10/2013  The hole in Johnny's mask if full of a smile.

12/10/2013  Craig with some cold hands.

12/9/2013  Yesterday's weather was not quite as bad but still windy.

12/9/2013  Snowy chrome.

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