Monday, September 29, 2014

September Kings

Salmon fishing this fall has been a little more work than we are used to.  We have been catching fish every day but the number of fish is nowhere near what we had last year.  We have pretty much been sticking with fishing eggs under floats to put fish in the boat.  The up side to things is slower fishing means less boat traffic and with Michigan's archery season opening Wednesday there should be even less fishing pressure.  There are a few random Steelhead being caught in some rivers especially to the north and we will be after them as soon as numbers increase.  Bright sunny days and mid to high 70 degree weather for the last week plus has not been what we need to get whatever push of kings may be waiting to come but it is windy and raining as I type so it could still get good.  Below are a couple pictures of Kings we have put in the net over the last week or so since my last report.

This was a crazy looking fish

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