Sunday, December 28, 2014

Muskegon River Steelhead

Ed and Fritz had a great day out on the river today to end their year of fishing.  Today was the last trip I had on the books for 2014, I'd like to thank everyone who fished with me this year and I look forward to fishing with you in 2015. Have a safe and happy New Year!! Here are a few pictures from the last couple trips.

12/28/2014  Ed with a nice Steelhead from the early morning.

12/28/2014  Fritz with a colorful Steelheads from today.

12/28/2014  Finishing 2014 off strong.

12/28/2014  Fritz with a fish that jumped out of the 35 degree water a few times when he hooked it.

12/28/2014  Fishing was pretty good today.

12/28/2014  Fritz with one right at the end of the day.

12/26/2014  Sam with his first Steelhead.

12/26/2014  Tommy with his first ever as well.

12/26/2014  After letting his boys catch a couple,  Dave went to work on the fish.

12/24/14 John with a damn good Brown Trout.

12/25/14 Jack with a Christmas morning Steelhead.

12/25/14 Jack had a good Christmas morning.

12/25/14 Went out fishing Christmas morning and caught a few.

12/22/14 Fritz enjoying the day out on the water.

12/22/14 Ed with one of the fish he caught that day.

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