Saturday, August 27, 2011

Alaska Trout Fishing

Trout fishing is still going strong in Southwest Alaska, while rivers with spawning Chum and King Salmon being the Rainbow's meal ticket are in the later stages of the egg drop other rivers that support all spawning Sockeye Salmon are in their prime.  Also as the spawning Salmon die off carcasses are caught in snags and in soft water where the rainbows feed on their flesh, this is the time of year some of the biggest, healthiest Rainbows are caught!!  We are right smack in the thick of the Silver or Coho Salmon run right now as well, these fish are very aggressive making fly fishing very productive with sometimes 30 or more hookups per rod in a day,  we also get these fish to come up to the surface and eat poppers, that's good fun!!

2 weeks of guiding left for my 2011 Alaska season, looking forward to fall in Michigan!!

Myself and Jack with a 28" Rainbow

A 27" upper Togiak River Trout.

Trout are gorging on eggs and flesh right now.

A nice Rainbow from the Goodnews River.

A 2 Footer from the Togiak River.

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