Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trout fishing at Mission Lodge

Trout fishing is very good on some of the streams right now with good numbers of Sockeye, Chum and even a few King Salmon spawning making for the annual 2 month long egg hatch!!!  Nothing compares to sight fishing for Rainbows up to and even over 30" in water clear enough you can watch them take a 6mm bead, all while dodging bears and breaking off accidentally hooked sockeye or even a rainbow when one decides his lunch is attached to your line, I love this stuff.  Silvers or Coho Salmon are showing up as well, we have been catching good numbers of them on the Nushagak and rivers like the Togiak should get good soon.
 1 month to go, looking forward to another great fall Salmon and Steelhead season in Michigan with all of you who are joining me.

 I did have a cancellation for October 7 and 8 if anyone is interested as these are the only dates I have available until late October.  
8/7/2011  Craig with a healthy Trout from the Funnel.
8/7/2011  Gary with one from the Morraine. 
Looking forward to fishing with you guys back in Michigan. 
8/7/2011  The fishing on Funnel and Morraine is unbelievable right now.
8/4/2011  Goodnews River Trout.
8/4/2011  Devon with a great fish from the Goodnews.

8/7/2011  Gary with a Funnel Creek Rainbow.

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