Thursday, February 2, 2012

Float fishing for Steelhead

After a few days of great Steelhead fishing in the upper river we decided to do a short trip this morning a little lower in the system to see if the fish were distributed evenly.  The fishing is the same throughout the system.  As for how long they are going to stay on the bite like this only time will tell but I am happy to enjoy it while it lasts.  Jim and I are pictured below with a few Michigan Steelhead caught centerpin float fishing.

2/2/2012  A nice buck on the first drift through the run.

2/2/2012  There are lots of nice hens like this one around.

2/2/2012  Float fishing for Winter Steelhead.

2/2/2012  With all these hens around the egg drop this spring should be like Salmon season!!

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