Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pere Marquette River Fishing Report

Got the chance to get my wife out on the water today and she was quick to go to work on the Steelhead putting a 10 lb. hen in the net on the third cast of the day.  Then she decided to put the spinning rod down and learn how to fish the centerpin, I had confidence she would pick it up pretty quick given her ability with a fly rod, I was right.  After giving her a quick rundown on how to cast and manage the line two drifts into her centerpinning career the float drops and fish on!!  She fought the fish like she had been using that centerpin for years and brought a nice 7 or 8 lb. Pere Marquette River Steelhead to the net.  Natalie is pictured below with that fish and a few more noteworthy Steelhead from today. 

2/22/2012  Natalie with a nice one three casts into the day!!

2/22/2012  Natalie's first centerpin Steelhead.

2/22/2012  The Pere Marquette River put out some heavy fish today.

2/22/2012  FVloat fishing has been good on the PM.

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