Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

What a turn in weather, 2 days ago it was 60 degrees then yesterday and today were quite cold.  Had a cancellation yesterday so I took a friend Tyler from Maryland out swinging flies and we were pleasantly suprised at the number of Steelhead that were willing to violently attack our flies!!  It was completely opposite of the number that were willing to come to the net but was still the most fun time I have spent on the river fishing for myself in quite some time.  The bite today was the best it has been in a while despite heavier boat traffic being the day before Thanksgiving.  The rain brought the river up slightly and shuffled the fish around a bit which helped.  Ray and his two sons Colin and Jacob are pictured below with a few from this morning, the cold forced us off the river at 12:30.

 Happy Thanksgiving to all and be safe, I will be on the water tomorrow morning then eating turkey in the afternoon.
11/24  Colin with a nice buck Steelhead.
11/24  Ray with one of his fish from this morning.
11/24  This fish hit like a freight train and was out of the water as much as it was in.
11/24  The masked man strikes again.

11/24  Jacob with a chrome hen that was all over the river.

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