Monday, November 15, 2010

Opening day bucks!!

Had a great half day of Steelhead fishing with Ed and Fritz today.  What a nice change of pace with the firearm deer opener today there were absolutely no boats in the section we fished!!  The fish came at a steady pace most of the morning with a few runs mixed in that produced hot and heavy action.  After the solitude we enjoyed today I sure hope nobody shot a deer so they can hunt again tomorrow and we can have the river to ourselves again!!

For those of you wondering why the pictures are not changing on my homepage,, my computer crashed last week and I found out the hard drive is shot so I lost everything from the last 3 years including pictures which were not backed up.  I also have to completely rebuild the site because the software I use does not allow me to download the site off the internet, so for now any and all updates will be here at

See you on the river,

11/15  We thought this buck was much bigger the way it stayed deep and made long runs
11/15  A nice buck on the opener.
11/15  Fritz with his first opening day buck.

11/15  Ed with a feisty buck that tried to bury himself in the timber.


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