Monday, November 8, 2010

Muskegon River Steelhead Catching

Yes this post is titled "catching" because that is what happened today!!  With very little boat traffic we were able to work every piece of water we wanted to and it paid off with fish out of nearly every run we hit despite bright sunny conditions coupled with the low clear water.  There were a decent number of new fish today and most were nice adults with only a handfull of skippers, not that those little jumpers are bad.  I still have a limited number of dates open later this month for Steelhead so let me know if you want to get out.  That being said please make sure any guide you hire is legal.  Ask when you book if they have an Inland Pilot License, 6-Pack Coast Guard License(if guiding below M-37 on the Muskegon), Lease to operate commercially on state owned lands and Liability Insurance!!!  There are a number of guys running without the proper licensing lately and I would rather see a real full time guide who has paid his dues get the trips wether it is myself or another.  See you on the water,  Jeff
Milt with a nice hen.
Mike with a slightly colored buck Steelhead.
Milt had his hands full with this guy!

Bright skies and bright chrome.

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