Monday, April 18, 2011

Muskegon River Fishing Report

Fished a short 4 hour trip with my lovely wife and lovely mother in law today and the fishing was good!!  Today seemed like there were more fish on the pools and runs than most days recently, or it could just be that everyone else was looking for fish on gravel, either way I will take it.  We caught all of our fish backbouncing spawn and all the hens were still tight in skein, with the weather pattern hopefully they will stay that way and we can enjoy another couple weeks of good back bouncing for Muskegon River Spring Steelhead.  Natalie and Bambi are pictured below with a few good ones from this morning. 

4/18/2011  Natalie giving a little love back to the fish.
4/18/2011  Bambi with a harde fighting male Steelhead.
4/18/2011  Plenty of chrome Steelhead in the Muskegon River.
4/18/2011  Back bouncoing spawn was very productive today.
4/18/2011  Muskegon River Spring Steelhead.
4/18/2011  We had a great 4 hours on the water this morning!!
4/18/2011  Mother and daughter with a nice chrome hen.
4/18/2011  Back bouncing spawn for Steelhead on the Muskegon River.

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