Thursday, April 14, 2011

Muskegon River Steelhead Fishing Report

We were back on the Muskegon River today and traded in the back bouncing rods for float fishing gear.  This was Jason and his dad Jeff's first time ever River fishing let alone Steelhead fishing and they did a great job putting a bunch of Steelhead in the net.  The river is up and down (which seems to be the norm these days???) but is holding just over 3,000 cfs, temp is in the low 40's.  There are still good numbers of fish in the pools and runs that are a ways out from spawning and enough fish on spawning gravel to keep those spots open for the folks that choose to fish deep.  Fishing pressure is par for the calendar and weekends will be busier, please be nice and share the river we are all there to have fun!!  Pictured below is Jason and Jeff with a few good ones from today, thanks for an enjoyable day boys and I look forward to next time.
4/14/2011  Jason with some Spring Chrome!!  Float fishing was good today.
4/14/2011  This buck took Jeff for a ride.
4/14/2011  Jason with a very energetic Chrome bullet.

4/14/2011  Jeff with a nice Muskegon River hen Steelhead.
Kudos to Jeff for sticking out the day being sick.

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