Friday, December 9, 2011

Michigan Out Of Doors

Kris McHugh of Fin Patroll Charters, Dan Lipski of River Kat Guide Service and myself took Jenny Olsen from Michigan Out Of Doors back bouncing spawn on the Muskegon River today.  The Steelhead fishing was pretty good but as Dan found out if you don't have a good hold on your rod the fish may just take it from you!!!!  I am glad we were in Kris's boat because we were fishing with Kris's rods, if you find this rod please send a picture of the fish attached for Dan's ego and Kris's peace of mind.  Jenny missed Dan's error by seconds but catch the rest of the action on Michigan Out Of Doors, the show will air december 22 on your local PBS station, if you are out of the viewing area check back here for a link to the video.  Also MICHIGANOUTOFDOORSTV.COM

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