Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pere Marquette Float Fishing

Jim, Kris and I fished a different section of the Pere Marquette River today than I did yesterday, floats and spawn was the method of choice and the fishing was outstanding.  There were a few holes where we wondered how many fish can be in there, as the hookups just kept coming.  The Steelhead definately seem to be in the Winter holding water and were rarely alone.  We had the river to ourselves which I am sure contributed to the excellent fishing.  Jim and Kris are pictured below with a few Pere Marquette River Steelhead caught float fishing.

12/8/2011  Jim with a nice buck caught float fishing.

12/8/2011  Kris with a nice Pere Marquette River Steelhead.

12/8/2011  Jimmy one drift strikes again. 

12/8/2011  Float fishing the Pere Marquette River was great today!!

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